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Terms & Conditions

You pay; I bake! Payment is due IN FULL at the time the invoice is received. Payment upfront allows me to design your custom set, source the cutest cutters, sprinkles, and colors, as well as arrange for packaging. Payment secures your pickup date as well, so win-win!

I offer full refunds up to 72 hours once the invoice is paid (minus a processing fee). After this grace period, a 50% refund (minus a processing fee) will be given up to 14 days prior to the pick-up date. No refunds will be given if the order is canceled within 14 days of arranged pickup. I have already begun organizing designs, gathering materials and ingredients specific to your order, and blocking off that portion of my schedule to other potential clients for weeks. The good news is though, you get cookies!!

The pickup date and time are arranged when the order is placed. Cookies are placed out for porch pickup based on the agreed-upon date and time (typically 6 pm). If you choose to "no-show, no-contact", the cookies will be forfeited, as I do not have room to store your order. Don't worry... the cookies won't be wasted. They will be your donation to a local organization that will be happy to receive them. Please make arrangements with me for an alternative pickup time prior to the pickup date, if necessary, and I am happy to accommodate your schedule.

DELIVERY: (All orders default to pickup in Elk Grove (95757).
Don't want to drive? No problem!
Local Sacramento area delivery is available upon request. Delivery fee is based on round-trip distance from Elk Grove, CA. Delivery prices are based on zip code. To arrange delivery, message I do love a good drive; bonus points if Starbucks is on the way!

Did your kiddo change their minds about the flavor... again? The guest list went from 10 to 30 overnight? I can help with that! Allow me at least two weeks’ notice prior to your pickup date and I typically can manage changes to orders. Fees may apply.

Thank you for your inspiring reference photos! They help me visualize what your expectations are and allow me to have a base point for creativity. Keep in mind, they are used as references only and may appear differently than the original photos. Characters often have copyright laws that keep me from replication. We can find creative ways to incorporate your theme. I reserve the right as a cookie artist to change designs based on need, without the permission of the client. I accept reference photos, invitations, art inspiration, etc. I will always try to make your vision come to life!


I understand when unexpected illness takes a toll on your family. This is hard to navigate and I want to make sure that it's fair for both parties. I will be happy to freeze your cookies (at no charge) for up to two weeks until you or your family member is feeling better. No refunds will be given if your custom cookies have already been made. See refund policy.


There is a ONE DOZEN MINIMUM for custom sugar cookie orders and a TWO DOZEN MINIMUM for traditional cookies. I can’t split a batch of dough and this would only leave me with one choice; to eat the left-over cookies!



Lucky you! You found a last-minute spot in the schedule. If I can accommodate an unexpected order, a rush fee is applicable. 20% will be added to the order total if placed within 7 days of the pickup date. I'm happy to put off the laundry one more day! #dutycalls

All prices are subject to change. Prices are dictated by the cost of ingredients, which can change without my approval... I know, right?! I try to provide the best tasting, as well as the best-looking, cookies for my clients. That means good ingredients and quality products. I source my packaging from other small business owners, who adjust their prices from time to time as well. Change is hard for me too; we'll get through this together.

I photograph all my cookies before packaging. I post them to my social media pages, as these beautiful pieces of art should be on display! They also help build my portfolio for other customers to see what I offer. I reserve the right to choose when I post cookie photos, including "sneak peeks" via IG stories before the order is complete. If you do not want photos of your cookies posted, please notify me at I will be sad that I can't share but I respect your privacy. Your secrets are safe with me.

Allergies suck! While I do my best to keep ingredients separate, I work in a home kitchen with foods that are known allergens (nuts, milk, soy, dairy, gluten). I cannot accommodate true "allergy-free" orders at this time.

Cookies have been made in a home kitchen, not inspected by the FDA or California Public Health. I am a Registered Dental Hygienist and am well-versed in keeping you safe. I have taken all applicable food safety courses, obtained proper licensures, and I operate within the boundaries of CFO laws for home bakers.

Due to California law, CFOs are not allowed to ship. Please message me for more information.


**Color of icing may look slightly different in real life than on social media posts.

**Cutters are typically 2"(mini) to 4" (regular) in size but actual cookie size can vary with baking. Images of cookies on social media may appear larger than in real life. I'd love to eat an 8x11 cookie, it's just not realistic.

** Once you've picked up your cookies, you and you alone have now been tasked with the sole responsibility of getting those beautiful cookies to their final destination safely. They travel well but are breakable. Store them in a cool, dry place and away from little fingers or pets. Tooth Fairy Cookie Jar is not responsible for orders after pickup/delivery time.




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