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The Story of
Tooth Fairy Cookie Jar

Who didn't Pinterest everything? I was the mom of 3 young kids trying to throw a fantastic, magically themed birthday party on a budget. So what do I do? I get online and start creating a storyboard of all the cool, DIY ideas, that I know I just have endless amounts of time to accomplish. This pinning often included sugar cookies. I didn't know anyone who made custom sugar cookies and I bet I could DIY this too!


I stayed up all night turning football shaped cookies into Dora the Explorer heads that were a fright-fest, as the royal icing was sliding off of what was supposed to be her face! Ugh... there is a reason why people don't DIY sugar cookies on the fly because it's ART!! Fast forward 8 years and a bunch of self-taught skills later, I was making custom cookies for friends and co-workers.

2021 came and life changed in the best way. Through the encouragement of my family and friends, I took a leap of faith and started Tooth Fairy Cookie Jar, named after a porcelain tooth cookie jar I've loved for years being a registered dental hygienist. This tooth fairy has gone rogue!


I can't wait to make your special cookies and I appreciate you supporting my small business. 

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